Connect & Invest – Business Opportunities for
Israeli Life Sciences companies in Northern Germany


Schleswig-Holstein is good for your health. Business-friendly structures that effectively promote knowledge and technology transfer, the good networking of universities, research institutions and industry, and numerous institutions that support scientists on their way to the market - all this makes the true North particularly attractive for life sciences companies. 

We invite you to learn more about Northern Germany as a destination of investment and innovation during webinar on 18th of May at 10:00 am (IST). This webinar will focus on financing and funding in the German Life Sciences market.
It is organized on behalf of Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI) and WTSH (Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein). 

Click on the link to get insights of our first webinar (30th May 2022). 

34 days since webinar starts.

Register to webinar 18th of May 2022

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Who shall participate?

  • Providers of medical technology, biotechnology and further life sciences sectors interested in investing/entering the market in Germany and/or Europe

  • Companies focusing on digital solutions and technologies in the e-health sector

  • Companies and research institutions interested in life sciences

Your benefits of participation:

  • Individual advice on questions of market entry in Germany (1 x 1 meetings with GTAI and WTSH)

  • Financing and funding incentives and programs for Israeli companies and entrepreneurs - get to know with German legal framework (setting up a company, tax landscape, entry and residency)

  • Testimonials and hints for making Business in Germany

  • Participation is free of charge

Why making Business in Germany?

  • Germany´s healthcare market is No. 1 in Europe by market volume, patients, manufacturers and providers

  • 3rd largest producer worldwide with a production share of around 10 %

  • Access to other European and Nordic markets (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) due to the harbor connection (e.g. Port of Hamburg) and the general favorable location in Central Europe

  • Same time zone, English as an established business language, direct flight connection

Why Schleswig-Holstein/Northern Germany?

  • Schleswig-Holstein (Northern Germany) offers an excellent research landscape, especially in the AI field, e. g. KI-SIGS "AI space for intelligent healthcare systems", Supercomputer KI-Lab Lübeck, German Research Center for Articificial Intelligence, significantly greater priority of the industry than in the rest of Germany

  • The healthcare industry is considered a key sector in Schleswig-Holstein. The share of companies, jobs and turnover in this branch is significantly higher than the national average. This strong starting position is the result of close cooperation between science and business in the state.

  • Several global players and successful start-ups in this industry are based in this region.

  • Close cooperation between business and science

  • Life Science Nord as a leading Cluster in Europe

  • For more information, please see this LINK

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